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Default Re: Holland America Tipping/ new

You know what is facsinating about this tipping thing is how people say" oh you must tip the staff get paid nearly nothing"( which is true) Then when you suggest that perhaps the cruise lines should pay their staff accordingly someone will say " oh but I like the cheap price of my cruise holiday. I don't want them to raise the fares". Well how does that make sence since the added amount of the fare should equal about what you were required to tip anyways.

You do realize that someone is getting rich somewhere don't you. Not the lower staff, for sure, and maybe not even the middle mangement, but please don't kid yourselves, our tips are allowing the cruise lines to underpay their staff and pocket more profit, which in turn they use to buy or build more ships which in turn make more money!

I think they should just pay the staff a decent wage and add that to the ticket price, it shouldn't be more than 100 to 200 dollars more per cabin, and then the staff would work becase they have a decent living being made and they don't want to be fired. I think in the many third world countries they often come from that someone would be willing to replace them if they goof off.

Tipping should be OUR choice , when, how much and to whom, NOT the cruiselines!!!
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