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Default Re: 10 Dollars a Day Per Person?

I wonder how many people actually tip their hotel maids. Here a hotel maid can earn between 10 to 17 dollars an hour( if they are in a decent place, if not minimum wage is 8 $ an hour) .
I live in a "tourist" town so that is pretty standard and we have alot of hotels ranging from " family quality" , to luxury.
Many people I know would never order room service in a hotel since we all know how exspensive that is! ( 5 dollars for a glass of juice!)
We obvousily have many different posters on these boards and some seem to have a lot more disposable income then others, taking 3 or 4 cruises a year, while others save for YEARS just to take one cruise for a special occaison, so , perhaps having to save an extra 200 bucks seems like alot to them.some posters are quite flippant about how you should bring a stack of bills to hand out, and give everyone at least 20$ up front, and then tip extra after, blah, blah, blah!
I agree with tipping ( but not up front) but some posters should be a little more understanding , I am getting sick of some of the posters who use words like " cheapskate" and "miserly" so easily without trying to see it from another point of view.

There are some who need to be educated , and the others who have firm no tipping policies, well good luck in trying to change their minds.
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