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Default Re: 10 Dollars a Day Per Person?


I think your missing the point. I am not saying that they shouldn't (or won't) be tipping. I am just pointing out that not EVERYONE has ALOT of extra $$$ to throw around, and I think that if they are able to scrimp and save for a once in a lifetime chance, they have the same rights to go and enjoy themselves as the people who can afford to take 3 or 4 cruises a year.

I personally think that the cruise lines should add tips into the price of the cruise, to be split fairly among all of the staff (including the Marte D' and Bartenders) who's salary is based mainly on the tips they hope they will be receiving. Then there should be a NO tipping policy, and NO need for message boards like this. This way you would know the total cost up front, and you don't have to stress about offending anyone by not giving a proper tip, because you just don't know who to tip or how much is expected.

BTW, I was a waitress for many years, so I am well aware of what it is like to depend on tips for weeks pay! I am also well aware that, more often than not, the people who have the most money in the bank tend to be the MOST demamding AND the WORST tippers!!

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