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Default Re: Are tips divided?

Yes, it all pooled by departments.. Bar, waiters, cabin attendants, ect.. Re-read Bicker's post on this..He is more clear than I am.. It may not be fair to you, but the cruise lines have to have control of the money.. And good or bad all of the workers need to get paid or the cruise line has big troubles... This is why there will be mandatroy tips "service charge" in the near future. (2005). The cruise lines are tired of the stiffs and since the money is now aready pooled it might as well come from auto-tipping and now there will be more money and no stiffs.. Bicker says "system integrity requires compliance by all members" and he is correct again. Crew member that do not "comply" will find themselves left on the dock as the ship sails away.. So, I'm not telling you not to give extra cash, I'm just saying be it known that that cash will be pooled.. You cannot change their system, so use auto-tipping and buy Bingo cards with the rest of your money.. Have a great trip.. OM (P.S. Bicker, How come you can write so good and clear??)
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