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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

Oh Tokyo, come back...come back Shane...You are like a sore tooth that we love to probe! I love the dry, sarcastic responses from you! I wrote a lot more just now, then realized that the unwashed public (and yes, I am the poster child for the unwashed public) need OBJECTIVE, NOT SUBJECTIVE input regarding the topic of I would love to dialogue with you on another post, but, as I have stated before..., DH and I have this philosophy: if we just rolled $20.00 into a video poker machine, we can probably roll $1.00 into a service person’s pocket…and if they finally become richer than us, well, more power to them! They were probably smart enough not to give money to a machine! Don’t worry; I still LOVE giving my vacation budget to a machine! And I won’t apologize for this practice!
When you tip one anonymous person for making your cruising experience more human/civilized…please do, no matter how little. Your karma will come back to you 100 fold. If it does not cost you your own food/shelter/warmth situation, you may be helping five other people on this earth to have just a little bit better standard of living. That is what I like to think. Until proven otherwise, I will tip, no skin/food/shelter/minimal comfort off my back…see you in the Casino…on the Dawn…2/05!!!!
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