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Bruce Chafkin
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Default Re: what if you just don't tip


Quite a few of Americas top restaurants also pool tips. And quite often, the kitchen staff, bakers, dishwashers do get a cut. It encourages a team spirit in getting the job done and the guest satisfied. It works the same way on many of todays cruise ships.

Gerif makes the faulty reasoning that staff who know they will not make more than their standard cut will not work any harder than necessary. That is rarely the case. Take a look at the history of cruise ship tipping. I started working on ships in 1974. We pooled tips then - but we learned quickly not to tell you about it . As soon as you found out, the tip pool total went down. We let you believe that we kept all that money in the envelope you gave us.
We always knew we were going to get our cut of the tipping pool - whether you tipped or not. It is the same today. But if we were good enough to convince - or shame you - into tipping, we ALL made even more. And although we have ALWAYS pooled the tips amongst ourselves, there are many many opportunities to earn a bit more "on the side" with a bit of fancy dancing.

Since 1974 I have pooled tips on:
Royal Viking Ships
Some Holland America Ships
Renaissance Ships
Costa Ships
Royal Caribbean Ships
Royal Cruise Line Ships
Carnival Ships
NCL Ships
Celebrity Ships

The only thing that has really changed with tipping in recent years is that the quality of the average cruiser has declined with lower cruise prices. Todays cruiser just doesnt have as much money as those in the good old days of cruising - and the average tip recommended and given by guests has been declining for years. Do you think that may have something to do with a perceived decline in service?
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