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Default Re: what to tip Maitre d?

So Bob, what exactly does a headwaiter do that I should tip for? I mean , we don't tip the laundry workers who wash the towels each day, but I know they are there,, and don't get paid much, so why tip another " behind the scenes" worker and not another?

I tip for services rendered, I do not tip to be polictically correct, all the workers on board these ships are underpaid, and if we use that reasoning to tip, then we should be tipping ALL of the workers.

PS Just so you know I personally hate grovelling help of any kind, I do not need to " bond" with my waiter, and I do not need him to remember my every whim, as long as my food is brought to me , is fairly warm, and he smiles , that's all I need. I do not go on lines that have them dancing about like fools, we did that twice and found it embarassing, just not our taste.
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