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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

. . . I'm an attorney so I know all about fine print. I am no novice and I draft complicated contracts. Doesn't mean I have to like fine print though. In fact, most transactional attorneys do not favor fine print as it leads to confusion and oversight which leads to litigation. Big corps love it for marketing reasons. I am in favor of up-front and good faith disclosures, not "this will cost you X, but if you read through all the terms and conditions, it will really be X + Y + Z, and oh yeah, only drink types A - D are covered, and oh yeah, services F - L are not covered, etc . . . ." As a consumer, how could you support this type of marketing?

There is a lot more fine print to cruises than just "does not include tax". You say "fine print is a way of life" and I ask why does it have to be? It doesn't have to be a way of life, but big corps love it and consumers are lethargic about it. In fact, some states and the federal government have stepped in and prohibited "fine print" for certain types of contracts.
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