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Default Re: Wedding Pictures

I agree with the comment on the price of photos. Way too expensive ! I love cruising but I sometimes find it can come across like a money grab.

Also, I am not sure what most of the Photographers are like, however, we were on the Grand Princess and I felt like the Photographer had just graduated photography school or something like that. She really was a beginner. I felt like I had to tell her how we should pose and what areas to take the photos. She really wasn't very creative in that area.

She also was suppose to show up at dinner to take additional photos of us cutting the cake but never showed up. We ran into her later and confronted her but she just made up a lame excuse. By her face I knew she forgot. At that point it didn't really matter to use because we knew we were not going to pay and arm and a leg for all those photos.

At that time our package included some photos so we picked the best ones we could find and scanned them for guests once we got home.

That is what I would recommend.
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