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Default Dining Options

Most ships nowadays have multiple dining rooms. Some people really enjoy dressing to the nines and love the traditional experience of all that. They don't want to sit next to someone in a baseball cap, and they shouldn't have to. Some people couldn't be bothered with formal night. It's their vacation and they have to dress in suits for work all the time. They want to let down their hair and leave the tux/suit at home. Others are somewhere in between. They're idea of dress up is a sport coat and slacks, with tie optional. Why can't the ships offer all 3 alternatives on formal night? (I'm not talking about the buffet or room service either. I'm talking real dining rooms for the casual crowd and an alternative for sport coat crowd). Then have the crew enforce the rules! No one gets into the formal dining room who isn't appropriately dressed, and so on. The host at the door could politely point an offending party to the appropriate restaurant for their type of dress. Ships nowadays are like floating cities anyway, so why not do on a ship what happens in any town or city? People choose their restaurants, at least in part, by how they feel like dressing. No one dines at a 5-star restaurant in Dockers. Likewise, no one dresses in a suit to eat at Applebees. Just a thought. But I think it may be an idea whose time has come, judging by all I've read on dress codes on these threads. It's definitely an area most people feel very strongly about one way or another, and the cruise ships all seem to be floundering around wondering what to do about the issue.
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