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Default Immigration Form-Help!

Hi everyone!

We are in the process of filling our the required Passenger Immigration Information on-line w/Princess and I am a little confused on a certain area and was wondering if anyone could please give us some advice?

There is a part where an address is need while in the U.S. (Pre-Cruise). We have our pre-cruise Hotel package booked directly w/Princess, so do we need to put the hotel address in at that spot?

The other part is where an address is needed while in the U.S. (Post-Cruise). The day that the cruise ends, we are flying directly back home and not staying anywhere. Do we need to put in our home address at that spot?

As of now, I just left it blank and I didn't know if it is a mandatory portion that is needed by Princess. It said that all of the immigration information was complete, so I am under the assumption that it is good then?

All help is greatly appreciated and thanks so much!
Happy cruising to all!

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