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On my first cruise to Ocho Rios, my family and I went to Dunns River Falls. After seeing the Falls, my grandson refused to climb them so I stayed on the beach with him, my son-in-law fell and banged up his knees so badly that he was limping the remainder of the cruise. The water had an oil slick from all the boats tied up right off-shore. On our excursion booked thru Carnival, they drop you off at the beach, tell you to leave all your personal belongings on the catamaran for safety and they sail away and return in an hour to pick you up. You have no money, no towels, nada....there is no restaurant, no phone, nothing. I did not feel safe on the beach alone with my grandson and will never go there again. The next time we stopped in Ocho Rios, we walked to Margaritaville which is located in a nice shopping mall next to the pier. Margaritaville has a pool with a water slide right in the middle of the restaurant which my grandson loved. You also have access to their beach area. It was fun, the food was very good, drinks great and a safe environment for families when the cruise ships are in.
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