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Originally Posted by Jim Bragg
Hi Pat,
I agree with you on this but also have to agree with Reese. If I were to go on a cruise without my wife and no male friend of mine was able to go as well I would also be looking for a female cabin mate to cut the costs.
I understand what you are getting at Jim.

Though a married man who roommates with a single/married woman on a cruise business or pleasure that is strickly platonic is . . . suspect . . . even if the wife knows about it.

Why don't we call it like it is . . . the majority of men who want a woman who to room with them are looking for a possiblity of physical intimatency <sp> during the cruise anyone who thinks otherwise would be unrealistic.

As I mention on another post, even if a man does find a woman to bunk with during the cruise it also can lead to other problems. If someone decides that other is getting on their nerves, what if they actually meet someone on the cruise they really want to hook up during the rest of the cruise.

The more I think about it paying a single supplement is a good idea unless you know the person well beforehand.
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