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But how much should I tip? Suggestions I have heard in the past refer to a small tip, but what it that? How much should we tip a taxi driver in Honolulu? A porter in a hotel? A bus driver? A ticket collector? Who else?

Room service should get $2-4 depending on how much you order (a small snack as opposed to full dinner for two, for example). A taxi driver would get about 15% of the fare. A porter in a hotel or at the dock would expect $1-2 per bag. Bus drivers do not get tipped, however, a bus driver/tour guide would get about $5 per person depending on length of tour, quality of guide, etc. Not sure what you mean by ticket collector, but assuming you mean the person in a theater who takes your ticket, this person would not get a tip. A hotel chambermaid would get about $4-5 per day.
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