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Default Montel Williams re: missing woman on Carnival

I usually admire Montel a lot and enjoy his shows a lot more than the other junk on TV. However, today he seemed to attempt to place the blame on Carnival for not finding this man's wife. Perhaps if they were together in the casino (not to say that couples HAVE to stay together) maybe they would know where she is today! Why isn't the husband being blamed for that???

However, I must admit it's pretty mysterious that the security camera in the area had been covered with a piece of paper.

But when Montel looks at the camera and says "you may be holding a ticket for a cruise, beware!) seems a bit dramatic to me. Terrible things can happen anywhere! And if he really wants to help this man find his wife, I wonder why he didn't say WHEN, WHERE and WHICH Carnival ship it was?? Might help jog someone's memory a bit more than just showing her picture...

C'mon, Montel, don't lower yourself to the level of other daytime talk show hosts...

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