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We booked a cruise for Dec because we want to get out of the snow before everyone else wants to get out of the snow. And, we got married in Dec, so, getting away for our anniversary is another nice thought.

When people ask what ports we're stopping at, I tell them to ask after hurricane season. We were booked on the Conquest; changed it to Glory right after Katrina hit because we were leaving on a land vacation just a few days later and didn't want to worry about the cruise while we were away from home.

I don't really care what ports we hit. Whatever white stuff is on the ground in the Caribbean will be warmer than the white stuff on the ground in upstate NY!

A side point...... We're trying to plan a land timeshare vacation for Jan 07. We're leaning towards Hawaii because I don't want to go thru the "what if a hurricane hits" headache this Nov and next summer/fall.
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