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On Princess (our 15th cruise was in August) we brought 8 bottles of Sarah and paid $10 per night to have a bottle opened in the dining room. (We intended to have one in our cabin but alas, no corkscrew) We have brought on champagne and have seen people lugging beer. Cushion your hard liquor and put it in your checked luggage. You can also buy a liquor and mix package for consumption in your cabin...about $15 dollars and the bottle is pretty small. Ask your room steward.

I can attest that they will confiscate hard liquor from your carry-on. When we disembarked at the end of the cruise, there was my Scoresby waiting.

You can also order a bucket of beer (4 bottles in a bucket of ice) for the price of three.

We cruise to Hawaii every Christmas.....hope to see you on board!
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