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I find it strange that there are so many fashion salmons in the world. (my term) People that want to go on a cruise and then to prove something to themself they have to swim upstream and attempt to find ways to buck the time honored system.
I think if people would do a little research and see the requirements of a cruise like then they can fit themselves to that like. If you don't want to adhere to the conditions of the line select another and make your life happier.
I for one feel that it is not going to shorten my life to abide by the rules of the line so why not go along. Is the short time we are on the cruise going to make someone a maryter because they bend or break the rules?
One of the laws of nature is that "water seeks its own level" cruisers should do the same and cruise the line that fits their style or bend for a few days and don't complain.
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