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Default Re: Any speedo sightings?

Originally Posted by Toronto
I'm interested to hear from recent travellers whether there's more men in speedos. I'm planning my trip for Christmas, and was hoping that speedos would be more popular this year!

I think that totally depends on the man now. Last yr. on disney Wonder we had an older man with a huge beer beely wearing swim trunks too small that would not stay up over the belly. H e had a good 6 inches of butt crack showing. I believe I would have preferred speedos on him.

I notice some say go for it but personally I say take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Speedos are not attractive on over weight middle aged men just like g- string bikinis are not a good look for any women over a size 6.

I don't mind if a person looks "hot" so much but I absloutely hate seeing someone make a fool of him or herself. Lets face it people -very few of us can pull off the look.

Now I am a woman well into middle age-but I would not have worn a string bikini in my 20's- back when I was a size 3/4 and 100 pounds. even though I was small back then, I still had figure flaws and because of my own self respect-there was no way I would have done that-but yet many a time I see women much older and much less attractive looking like fools. Ditto for men.

So as I repeat myself-take a long look in the mirror and then decide if you can get away with it.
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