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Donna.. yes! They were playing in Harry's the night we were there, and were excellent! We haven't been back, so haven't heard them again.

Only 5 of us made it up to the web cam, and it was very windy and cool on deck, so we only stayed out there about a minute.

Crossing Day 1

With the lateness of the hour that I was typing last night I guess I forgot to talk about some of the great costumes we saw. Considering the length of this cruise, I was surprised at how elaborate some of the costumes people brought with them were.

From our group Tom and Paige won for the best costumes. Paige had made Tom a very spectacular matador’s costume, and a lovely “signorita? costume for herself. Everyone thought I was dressed as a nun, but I just had a bad cruise habit. In the cruise ship costume judging I did make the final seven, but the audience voted for some fellow in dire need of a proctologist.

I should add that most of the people put on their costumes later in the evening, but the Cruisemates gang was foolish enough to listen to my suggestion, and wear theirs to dinner and the shows.

On to today… the first day of our Atlantic crossing. It was a wonderfully warm day, and the seas have calmed considerably, so decks were crowded with people. And many soles delighted to be over their bouts of sea sickness.

John Heald starts off every day with a live broadcast of “The Morning Show?, shown on the big screen on deck and on TVs in the cabins. It was nice to be watching on deck this morning, and get a special hello from John to me and all the CruiseMates gang.

Once again there were activities scheduled almost continuously throughout the day in different venues on the ship, and one could be as busy, or as lazy, and one wanted to be. Today I took the lazy route, and did a lot of relaxing. Think my afternoon nap started at noon.

There was a pretty funny in the comic in the Venetian Palace show room tonight. Jim Brick told some funny stories, and I think with his presentation he may be even funnier later in the cruise, when he’s scheduled to do a midnight, adults only show.

After the show some of us were in the casino for awhile, and then headed to the Piano Bar once again, to spend some time with Cameron.

In my opinion, the Venetian Palace showroom, the casino, and the Piano Bar, and the dining rooms, are the nicest looking of such venues in the Carnival fleet. The Murano glass chandelier in the showroom is quite breathtaking. And the casino, for a casino, is quite elegant.

Tonight at dinner we began the first of 5 nights of dinner team trivia for the group. With appreciated assistance for Eva Kiss, we delivered a trivia sheet to each table, at all the different dining seatings, to be completed by the tablemates, and turned in for scoring. The final night before we reach St. Maarten we’ll tally up the scores and hand out prizes.

Here’s a question the teams had some trouble with…. See if you know the answer without googling it.
Who was the first U.S. President to hold a patent?? And .. what was it for?
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