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Default Post Cruise Wrap Up

I’m home now, and have had a few days to reflect on the Liberty cruise.

First off, I had forgotten to thank Tweety for making all those cute life-saver name tags for the CruiseMates group, and Linda Griggs who made onboard phone books for everyone. I certainly appreciated your help!

“Relaxed debarkation? turned out to be mayhem! Not sure what happened, but the ship didn’t begin disembarking passengers until almost 10:30 A.M. and from what I understand there were some very angry people worried about making their early flights home.

We were staying in Florida for a day, so were in no rush to get off the ship, so personally weren’t too concerned. Others who had tried to get off, came back up to Lido Deck where we were waiting, saying things were just too chaotic on Deck 3 by the gangway exit.

At about 11:30 John made an announcement that remaining guests should leave the ship now. We had little difficulty at this time getting off the ship, but once inside the terminal, long lines of people were still winding their way through customs/immigration, towards the luggage warehouse are. From comments of immigration officers, it was obvious that the situation had been pretty out of hand for the past hour or so. It will be interesting to see if we can learn how these problems developed.

Back to the ship. I wrote and submitted my full review of the ship, and it should appear on the CruiseMates site sometime in the not too distant future.

I will say here, as a wrap up, that we found the crew onboard to be friendly and helpful, but found service in many areas of the ship just out of sync. Our dining room wait staff, for example, tried very hard to please, but were still just out of sync. I believe some of this probably had to do with the organization in the galley, and the fact that dining room tables are placed very close together, creating a bit of a maze for the staff to get through to the galley and back again. Not an easy task, when carrying a dozen or more plates on those large serving trays.

I do have to wonder if the ship was short staffed in certain areas.

Overall, we met some great people, enjoyed many old friends, and enjoyed the ship. There are some issues that Carnival will hopefully get worked out with the start of their Caribbean season. But overall, if you’re cruising on the Liberty you should enjoy the cruise experience on her.

Hope you've enjoyed "cruising along" with us. I'll be doing the same thing in Jan. while sailing the Island Princess. So invite you to check out the Princess Message Board, beginning Jan. 6/06
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