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Default 11-night cruise

Hi Rene,

The cruise I took to Alaska this summer was an 11-night cruise and I was on my own, as well. I, too, was a bit concerned about being lonely--it was my first cruise. I wasn't lonely at all! I met so many people (some people thought I worked on the ship because I knew so many people!) and formed a delightful circle of friends to spend time with. I was on NCL, which has Free Style dining. Free Style means you can go to dinner at any of the restaurants any night at any time, no fixed seating (unless you specifically ask). While I am comfortable dining on my own and did a few times on the cruise, I also had meals (including dinners) several times with people I met on the cruise. It was great fun! You don't have to worry about being lonely as long as you smile often and have a go with the flow attitude. Enjoy your cruise!

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