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Originally Posted by Denny
WOW! Pay a $1,000.00 for a cruise and then complain about another $70.00. How much did you spend in the casino? How much did you waste buying junk to bring home? Pay the tip and go on down the road. It's a vacation. Spend a little, enjoy, be nice!
Hold it:
$1000 for mom and dad +$140 tip
$500 for the 2 year old +$70 tip
+ port charges for 3...not 2
plus luggage tip for 3...not 2

2 year old eats 1/100th of what mom and dad eat.
Tips to the tour guids when they go on them...for 3 people X 3 tours ( some tours charge for the little one's to).

You are paying to bring your 2 year old on board as he/she is an adult already. By the time the trip is over you have tipped an extra $130- $150 for your 2 year old, thats a little much, IMO
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