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Default Re: Any Safety tips for women travelers?

Originally Posted by showcat
Having just watched a Dr Phil show about Natalee Holloway, and Amy Bradleywho dissappeared from a cruise ship years ago. I am concerned about safety for women travelers both on cruise ships and in ports of call. It is very scary the white slavery issue and the possibility of kidnapping. What advice do you have for women and solo travelers?

I have heard some about this issue, and I don't have much official insight, but I would suggest you don't go off with any charming strangers, whether they be crew or fellow passengers. Pay attention to your surroundings, be very aware (as if you were in NYC-don't be a target). Don't go sightseeing or on excursions alone. This is just common sense but sometimes on vacation when meeting new people and having relaxing fun, it is easy to get comfy and complacent and forget that not everyone is nice and decent.
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