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I feel like I've finally met a traveller with similar traits. I am a pharmacist who has raised 2 daughters (almost) and find myself wanting to cruise,but without a partner (or child)! I also am a smoker, but only outdoors and pretty much imbibe alcohol only on cruises! I very much want to go on the QM2 out of L.A. mar 8th for 14 days -alcapulco,costa rica,panama,quito,lima and valparaiso -flying back to U.S. from Chile. I always (3 past cruises) opt for balcony to have my pot of coffee,smokes and NYT crossword puzzle first thing in the morning. I am 43 (44 come cruise time) and long divorced with no social life whatsoever. My daughters have been trying to hook me up with friends' dads and have finally given up on me. Am 5'6" 120 lbs and still feel ok in a bikini -but not for much longer! Really want to cruise,but no longer have anyone to go with. Interested?
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