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Default Had a beautiful ceremony

Dear Anne:

My partner and I had planned a cruise for our 9th anniversary to the PNW on Celebrity's Mercury in September 2005.

We previously had a commitment ceremony ( 100 people sit down dinner, flowers, string quartet, dj......thousands of dollars ). However with Canada extending its recongition of marriage to include all couples, we later decided to go ahead and LEGALLY tie the knot, even if this backward country we live in doesn't recognize our union.

Celebrity was more than helpful making some suggestions and giving us all the information we needed to contact the appropriate people and get the ball rolling.

After communicating only via E-mail with a marriage commissioner we chose from a short list, we had not only chosen our vows, but edited some of them...and became VERY satisfied with his final draft.

The time and port was chosen: Nanaimo BC on Sunday 9:00am.

We previosly flew into Seattle from Chicago and drove that evening to Vancouver to spend the night and get our license in the morning.

We were pleasantly surprised at how smooth the process was and how friendly the govenment offices were in Canada.

Our table mates knew what was happening, although at first a bit surprised, the ended up buying champaign for us, along with the usual anniversary chocolate cake the Celebrity has brought year after year ( and the 'hoppy anibersar' from the wait staff.

WE have our Canadian marriage license hanging on our wall as a reminder of commitment and love. And also a reminder to the unequality we are afforded by living in the so called "Greatest Nation".

I would recommend geting married in a port, but be prepared for an alternative plan in case something does happen. I would also recommend considering the seriousness of marriage before you do get married. Too many people get married for all the wrong reasons only to lead to divorce and annulment after a short period of time.....Thats the true danger to the "Sanctity of Marriage", not the fact that two people who love each other and have been together for over 9 years finally are able to legally marry.

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