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Default Back from germany..torn between 2 countries:(

Hello Mates, we have been back since sunday late night but I have not been able to function too well. I miss my home and I have always felt that way ever since I moved into the USA 22+ years ago.We could move there but job wise it wouldnot make any sense. I feel like I left my heart there

Anyway, today i finally managed to get out and shop for groceries plus I went to the German store.Right now I am cooking a German dish The trip was nice <except the trouble with my family> and we are trying to go back perhaps in the summer. Which means I will not go on any cruises to save the money. But I don't mind it.

Customs at the German airport took a full 1 1/2 hours and after 3 checks, taking shoes off, body searched etc we almost missed our plane to Ft Myers. It was very stressful. We had 9 bags plus carry on plus stuff.It is a miracle we did not get charged for over the weight limit. We made lots of pictures and I will try to post them this weekend. We had lots of snow and it was very pretty but cold Time flew by and we did not do a lot of things we had planned on doing. But my mother in law had a great time and she wants to go there in the summer of 2007.We will try to fly into Amsterdam then. But first I will try to go back summer of 2006 just the 4 of us.

Things are expensive , food is cheap. The food was wonderful and the christmas goose very nice.

I hope everybody is doing well here...missed you mates
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