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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Hmm..lovlelady - I am not sure that was the best approach to pleading your case. Berading us non smokers for "forcing" you to smoke in certain areas is not going to win you any fans, I'm afraid.
You DO have every right to smoke on the ship, but we also have the right to say that we dont like it. The Paradise WAS a non-smoking ship, but will be changed in the near future. Furthermore, I dont believe that we should be banished to ONE ship out of god knows how many in order to escape the smell of smoke. How can you possibly think that is an acceptable alternative?
Every smoker I know understands and respects the fact that non-smokers and even many smokers do not like the smell while eating, so I hope you can understand why smoking is banned in the dinning room.
I do think that Carnival should have no smoking floors on every ship, but for logistic reasons, this is fairly impossible.
There are plenty of places you are allowed to smoke and a few you are not...I'm not sure who this post was aimed at, but I believe your rights as a smoker are more than accomodated on Carnival ships.

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