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I don't have a tattoo, and wouldn't get one. I also have a friend who has a nice little one on her ankle. I think it is cute, but, it is faded and starting to look not so cute, she has to have it recolored I think.

I have no opinion on tattoos on a person, but, if truly honest, I must say I don't like the look of some of them, a girl at work had a butt ugly one on her calf. A really deformed looking mermaid, at least a foot long. She looks gross in a skirt.
I also think covering the whole body is stupid looking, but, hey the person could be really nice , so if that is their thing so be it.

I don't really know how this thread qualifies as a " gripe" because how on earth can you gripe about someone elses appearence, I mean , how does it affect your holiday if someone had a tattoo!?
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