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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

My personal opinion I think ALL cruise ships should be smoke-free, or at least no smoking inside the ship ANYWHERE, cabins, lobby, dining, lounges, casino, etc. Smoking only allowed outdoors on the decks perhaps the back of the ship even. Just my opinion,, first opinion anyway... 2nd, can't even give up smoking for a few days while on vacation?? pathetic. Think of others,,, think of THEIR NEEDS(and yours too of course), you think you NEED those ciggs?, Well correct me if I'm wrong but I think lungs are more a necessity then ciggs. Lungs we NEED to survive>> Ciggs you DON'T NEED to survive. Maybe you don't care about your lungs or care if you survive or not, but think of the people around you, the people on board that same ship you're on and smoking. Respect their needs. Please.

1 more thing- You're sick of the non-smokers complaining about your smoking,, well, feeling is mutal, non-smokers are sick of smokers saying that they are sick of non-smokers complaining,, so there. ha! :-)

Happy Cruising!


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