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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Be considerate no matter what it is, and others will return the favor. People choose not to smoke because they want to lead healthy lives. They want to walk their daughters down the aisle. They want to have grand kids. They want to be able to vacation (CRUISE) when they retire. They want to have sharp minds. They don't want to be in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. They don't want to spend 5 hours a week with an IV of chemo going into their bodies. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago and passed away in February. I know it must be hard to quit because she smoked all the way up to her last month, her last month was in the hospital so she couldn't. She was 57. She didn't get to see her daughter get married this October(my sister). She didn't get to see my children grow up. When I'm feeling down I can't call her. My children ask " where's grandma Pat, I want to go to grandma's house. She was 57. I should of had at least another 25 years with her, but she Choose to smoke. I DON'T, so smokers be considerate and we won't complain.
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