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But there's the rub. I also want what I paid for, was advertised, and contracted to by purchasing the experience! I was advertised a ship that offers a casual dining alternative for those not wishing to dress formally for dinner. I was advertised this without any disclaimers informing me that utilizing this service would limit my evening's entertainment options.

Guess what? The line DOES have the causal alternative dining option that it advertised!

But nowhere did the line ever advertise that there would be casual entertainment option, or that casual attire would be acceptable in the main entertainment areas on the formal and informal eveings. Thus, you have no legal claim whatsoever if the line denies you access to the theater in casual attire.

Since this statement was followed by a description of the casual dining alternatives, it can lead one to believe that dress codes only apply to the dining room.

I'll grant you that the company's web site is poor, but the information provided on the ship is quite clear. The ship also provides the option to rent formalwear onboard if you did not bring it with you, so you have a reasonable "out" if you realize only after embarkation that you need formalwear to go to the shows on formal nights.

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