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Its really not about how everyone looks, Its about how they handle the rules of the road. If the signs says STOP, do you stop all the way? do you come to a 'rolling' stop? do you just disregard the sign because its clear no one else is coming?

Regardless of what the rule might be it is simply rude and discourteous for some to come to a 'rolling' stop, and even worse to simply blow through because there's no one watching.

We ARE on vacation, but we are NOT AT HOME. We are SHARING this ship with thousands of others, most whom we do not know.....But does knowing you'll never see someone again validate your reason for disrespecting them and the cruiselines guidlines? The Captain IS in charge of the ship, and WE have to obey him out of respect as the crew does. So if the daily says FORMAL, it means FORMAL....there is no but.......

There are many vacation options that people can take, including all inclusive resorts which are about the same price as a ship. Why drive the wrong way down the road on your vacation, when you can just park at a nice little rest stop and visit for a while.

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