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"I have been in Vegas many times and guess what people dress up there. "

Depends where you go. You have a choice of casinos.Many are more casual than others.

My parents live there so I go ALL THE TIME, not just many times.

If you want to compare the Bellagio with the gold strike there is a BIG difference. However the MGM tends to be more like New York, New York.

You will find a different clientelle in each casino depending on the price of the rooms, and the packages offered.

To make this a little more clearer to you, the less expensive the cruise, the more folks that will not adhere to the dress or conduct codes. Thats the bottom line.

Thats reality.

Thats the purpose of this board.

To ACCURATELY give people the correct information so they can make the correct choices. NOT to encourage bad behavior, which IS what you are doing.

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