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I just think this is astounding. Those of us who have been around awhile and remember the first time we saw, say... the Destiny class form Carnival and recall how massive it looked. And then the Voyager class came along and kaboom, it was 42% bigger....

Now Genesis is 43% bigger than Voyager -- she is some 1116 feet long - almost 4 football fields, and twice as wide as the Panama Canal...

Same concerns as I had with Voyager - how many docks can she fit into, if she can't dock she requires more tendering, and how do you tender 5400 passengers.....?

Anyway - YES. The ship is the destination now. I wonder what "surprise" they have in store for us. I always said "the day a cruise ship has a roller coaster is the day they are getting too big." Maybe it will have a golf course, or a ski jump.

I can't imagine what the theater will look like. Surely the most amazing stage facility at sea. 2009 is closer than it sounds...
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