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I will be taking a cruise out of San Francisco down to the Mexican Riviera and back again (10 day) and I'm wondering how to pack. How many days will be "cold" days and how many "hot"? I'm thinking that from San Francisco to San Diego I will need to pack sweaters if I want to go on deck? Of course..once we get to Mexico it will be I guess my luggage will be a two season one..I just hope I won't overpack because of it!! Does anyone have any suggestions?

The best advice is to bring layers for wear during the day. You probably will find that the first day and the last day will be pretty chilly (you probably will want either a windbreaker over a sweater or sweatshirt or a jacket with some insulation in it when you are on deck) and the second day and the next to last day will be somewhat cool (you'll want a windbreaker when you are on deck). All of the Mexican ports of call are in the tropics, so you will want summer clothing there.

Have a great cruise!

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