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Default pics

i found the pic..under personal photo gallery...i clicked on "PHOTO GALLERY and than clicke on personal gallery and there it is...if it is not is because i had to take a picture of the origanal picture..i want to take this pic to mexico and see if i can find the cab driver .....he was soooo cute..

we kept pulling over to the side of the road to find someone that would translate for us..that young man hauled our butts all over mazatlan, he took us to all the street markets..than kelly had to have a new bathing suit, so he ran us around to 3 different stores,

we bought him some trinkets for his mom and his girlfriend...than headed for senor frogs, which he had no trouble knowing where to go..

we had soooo much fun..i have wanted to go back to mexico since kelly died..but couldn't do it..but now i want to go back with my pics.

kelly had 60 pics on her camera and lost it..i am hoping that someone developed the pics and put them up on the wall at frogs...all i can do is hope!!! annie
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