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Marguerite: Please give me a review when your done. As a fellow HAL person you are obligated to let me know-as you are going with princess before us. Seriously, we would love to hear your thoughts. When do you go? We go April 22, 2006. Sure is cool hearing from someone that is currently on the ship in this thread huh? Hope you have a great time. I can't imagine that it would be bad. Heck, for us just being on a boat headed to mexico is enough. Anything beyond that we consider a bonus. We are not fussy or hard to please and not easily bored. But, HAL definitely set a benchmark for us as we were treated so well and loved the food too. We ate 4 dinners at the Pinnacle we liked it so well. truley the farthest we have ever seen $20.00 go. Sitting there looking at the glacier, otters, whales and sea Lions didnt hurt either. Our cruise to Alaska in June 2004 was tropical like in that it was sunny every day and in the 80's. The pools were populated as if we were in Mexico. In fact, I believe there were some weather records set in Alaska that Month/year. We almost booked AK again this year it was so awesome. We have friends up in Anchorage and they say June is definitely the best summer month year in and year out weather wise. But we NEED to go its meixco!
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