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Hi...I am sorry but I emailed you ridinsolo and you sort of freaked me out...I have the feeling you are trying to "control" this group cruise etc..and your first questions and insistance that people open their homes is simply..weird

I am gonna be real honest...I live in south florida..but maybe 45 min or hour away...I have a friend who will ride me to the port in a ford focus..

I do NOT want strangers in my house the night before, I will be doing last minute things..I dont want to cook for you or have you here...I dont want to figure out how to get you to my house, I hate the airport, I dont want to pick you up...I dont want to arrange transportation to the port, the focus wont hold any more people

I dont want people in my house, I think your "open your home" thing is really odd..and a turn off

I am interested in a nice roomate or a group cruise, i am easy going but i am not opening my house the night before a cruise or getting people from the airport to the port in fort lauderdale...sorry..

I simply do NOT think this is a normal part of this, and if it is I dont want it

I suggest we all just post what we are doing here and NOT go thru you, as I do not know your "qualifications'>>> are you a travel agent or ?

as I told you on aol, the first thing you sent me was a letter could I put people up..and that is just...odd....and i do NOT think that is normal..

maybe i am wrong, if so I am sorry but i think we all need to step back and take a look at why this one person is so insistant that people open their homes ....this is just not right...I dont trust my information with one person, let's just all post on the board...that is what the board is for right?

I dont need or want ONE person holding all the info, and you dont even let people meet each other

I am still interested in the private list or board of crusisers that some have compiled the over 50..but have NOT had a response

I may just book that singles on Imagnation, the 5 nite one...I know that I could get a 7 night cruise for about the same or a little more...but if it is this much hassle I am not sure

to be honest, your handling of this ridinsolo has sort of spooked me

any one wishing a non smoking cruise roomie, out of ft laud, or miami, for may?? sorry I cant put you up the night before <grin> but I am reasonable, easy going and love cruises...

email me thanks...
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