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I am sorry but your control issues and your insistence on "open house" freaked me out..see here again you are pushing for the idea that people should put up others just because they live near a port??

Just because a girl you met said she WOULD invite you to her home, I do not think that you should expect this. Your first reply to me was ALL about me putting you and others at my house, and you don't take no for an answer.
I dont think that is fair or normal, also you say you will "collect' all the info and then "post" it where??

I also looked up your website and frankly you have issues that people should know about....I would honestly not feel comfortable if I had to hear all about your "ex" etc

.I have booked a cruise today thru a professional group, where at least there is some travel agent who is in charge and no one is insisting to get together at my house in the suburbs the night before

I do feel people should see her personal webpage as listed on aol that details her issues>> I feel much more comfortable with a real travel agent JMO
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