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I would like to take a cruise to Hawaii in mid June or summer months. Are there many ships cruising at that time and do you need passports as you do with traveling the Caribbean.

Both Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises offer round trip cruises to Hawai'i from either Los Angeles or San Diego, but these cruises are strictly during the fall, winter, and early spring seasons. Both of these lines redeploy nearly all of their ships to Alaska, to the northeast (for Bermuda and Canada/New England cruises), and to Europe for the late spring and summer seasons. IIRC, MV Island Princess (Princess Cruises) now operates this itinerary all winter while GTS Infinity and GTS Summit (both Celebrity Cruises) offer a mix of these cruises and other itineraries. These itineraries are typically thirteen to fifteen nights in duration.

If you really must go to Hawai'i for a cruise in the summer, I'm aware of two options.

>> 1. Norwegian Cruise Line's "NCL America" vessels, the only cruise ships registered in the United States, cruise in Hawai'i all year, but you would have to fly to and from Hawai'i for the cruise.

>> 2. MV Pacific Princess and MV Tahitian Princess (Princess Cruises) operate occasional cruises that originate or terminate in Honolulu with ports of call on several of the islands. The former usually operates an "Islands of the Pacific Theater" cruise from Honolulu to either Osaka or Tokyo each summer while the latter operates "Hawai'i and French Polynesia" cruises between Honolulu and Papeete (pronounced "Pah-pay-AY-tay"), the capital of French Polynesia located on the island of Tahiti, from time to time.

I'm now booked on the "Hawaii" cruise of GTS Infinity on 22 October ( I would love to meet you aboard that sailing! Hawai'i is in the tropix, so the weather should be ideal at that time of year.

With regard to passports, the Congress has enacted a new law requiring passports for all persons entering or leaving the United States either by airplane or by ehip, regardless of destination, after 31 December 2006. Thus, you might as well go ahead and get a passport now since it will simplify embarkation and border crossings.

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