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Originally Posted by Cassandra
This just came out & is posted all over the Internet & its big news. Hope they have a replacement ship for the next few weeks because alot of people are going to be hopping mad who have upcoming cruises.
I say let them be mad. If their cruise is worth more than the life that was lost and the injuries of the people, and what had to be sheer terror for the other passengers, then they need to re-evaluate their priorities.

I was one of those whose cruise was effected by Katrina last year. The ship I was suposed to be on was repositioned and my cruise cancelled. Was I upset or hoping mad, nope, I understood and endorsed Carnivals decision. I was able to rebook my cruise for the same week but even if I was unable to do that, I would have been disappointed but to me, the lives and safety of others is way more important.
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