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Originally Posted by mehawk
Michael: This morning I watched an idiot DUMP his ash tray out at a red light! People who speed fear getting a ticket so they are careful. The same goes for other laws that are ENFORCED. Nobody fears throwing cigs everywhere because it isn't enforced. If the police issued tickets for even 1 out od 100 then word would get out. It happens SO OFTEN that they have to see it. They just don't do anything about it.

Maybe YOU do....but they don't here in Michigan.
I have to agree with the above quote. If only I was a police officer.... I could have written thousands of tickets for this! I can't tell you how many times I've seen smokers throw their ciggs out their window, empty their ashtrays in parking lots, etc. You can't tell me that police officers enforce this issue. If they did we probably wouldn't see this as much as we do. Now enforcing speed limits-- I have seen great improvements on that, because they HAVE enforced that issue. In fact right here in my town... on my street. There have been so many cars that sped up and down my road here by my house. But now so many complaints have come in that they have added a stop sign and more police officers cruise the area. And over the last year I maybe saw 2 cars that still sped up going down the road here. That is WAY down from previous years... where I'd see at least 3 cars a day speeding on this road.

They do NOT enforce the littering issue whatsoever, not in my hometown here in MICHIGAN either.

Anyway, here is a part from the article here on CruiseMates about the fire.

Originally Posted by (Anne Campbell)
The fire started on the balcony of a suite, officials said, and quickly jumped to balconies on three decks covering roughly one quarter of the vessel's length. The flammable agent that caused the fire to spread so quickly is probably paint (external paint is flammable, I'm told).

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