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HAPPY BIRTHDAY -BIRTHDAY GIRL from sunny W. Palm Beach. I'am heading south to Cozumel on a 4nighter on Carnival's ship Fascination booked thru ******* ((Travel Agency name deleted by staff)) my outside window cabin was $229 pp There may still be inside cabins avalible for $229pp Supper deal out of Miami Another website that prices I believe afford even the homeless the luxury of cruising is(( **************Another agency name deleted as this is not allowed)) Ever week they'll post you the top 25 value vacations. Somewhere circa Oct 27 on Princess Cruise Lines they are offering the first of three cruises to the southern Caribbean 11days at a special fare of $699pp leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale visiting 5 or 6 islands in the chain From St. Thomas (where I once had a great life experience to work and live on the paradise island of St. John's in then laid back and undeveloped 1990 Corral Bay east end of St. John's) to the far end south islands of St. Vincent and Grenda. Go to the library and visiually enjoy some pictures of senery and reading about these different islands. One of the greatest experiences on one of my travels was exploring the island of Tobago and bringing the memories and thoughts that awoke in my mind as I slamed on the brakesin the middle of a hecktic business day. I stopped exhale deeply and inhale deeply and a thought in past experience and arose. In the moment of taking the time to experience a deep breath my imagination took me back to standing in the mountainious rain forest with the visual beauty of the canopy of greenery below me flowing into the shades of Caribbean blue seas highlighed with multiple colors of free flying birds and the air that I was breathing was differently freshing as I could almost see it rising with the mist from my feet to the tip of my nose. Thought for the day always take the time for yourself as in the moment it can be a picture of a 1000 words for the future. It's been fun chatting with you and sharing thoughts . No need to go to the gym to day as in conversation and exploring thought it strengthens the mind as well as the body. Let me know what how your cruise shopping goes til then to you Happy Birthday and The Good Life, Vita La Bella-Don-

Don Stephenson
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