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why does it have to be all or nothing? why can't the cruise lines do what hotels do and offer smoking and non-smoking cabins, some on each deck, in each cabin catagory. Seems simple to me.

I just put on my flame retardant suit, so i am going to jump in here and voice my opinion. I am not a smoker, i suffer from severe allergies and my mother is a chronic asmatic. If ever there was a person who should complain about smokers it my mom. Interesting thing, she has cruised extensively and has never once complained about being out on her balcony and being overcome by smoke smell from another balcony, nor has she ever complained about a smoke smell in her stateroom. She does not go into the casino during "peak" hours, she will go in when it is quiet. I am the same. Personal recollection - on our last cruise, their was a gentleman one deck up from us who smoked a cigar on a regular basis. We would see him, he would wave, toast us with his cocktail and cigar. Never once did the scent of his cigar waft down to our balcony. I couldn't tell you if our neighbors were smokers or not.
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