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Originally Posted by luvthis
Hi RedDawnMan!

We are going to Alaska from May 8-May 19 on the Mercury. Our cabin is a forward sky suite on the penthouse deck. Any suggestions or tips on how to get an inside invitation to some of the special parties or the captain's table? Ha!

We're confident the noro-virus will be well under control by the time we board. It's obvious it was a crisis for not only the passengers, but the crew & the management. Hopefully, the crew will have had a bit of rest before we begin our Alaskan adventure.

Thanks for any insight you care to share. Where are the best tables in the dining room? We are 2nd sitting and as suite guests, can request a location in the dining room?

--Jean & Bob, Racine, Wisconsin
I hope that the crew will be rested, but it all depends on how silly the offiecers and management get about cleaning, etc.

For the restaurant, really, most all tables are the same, except if you like to view out the aft end of the ship, in which case you should try to get a table on deck 6 aft with the better view. I personally liked to eat on deck 6 (when we were permitted the privelege...) because the view is a bit better and it was easier to get back to work on time.

As far as captains table inquiries, talk to the captains club hostess if you are a captains club member and it is usually not a problem. if you have a sky suite, even easier as they tend to treat you folks on the upper decks better than the riffraff down below :-)

I hope you have a good cruise. Alaska is nice.
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