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I have never posted on a site before, but I have to say that you are all very helpful.
As background, my husband has MD and most of the time walks around fine with a cane (just in case). As he puts it, "People probably just think I'm an overweight, clumsy man." It irks me when people give him looks, but at the same point if I see someone using a handicapped facility who might not need it, I get frustrated if he suffers from lack of facilities. That being said, I can see both sides of the issue - meaning the giving of the looks and the receiving of them and why people need to just be understanding. If you need a facility - use it. If not, have the courtesy to make sure someone else does not need it.
Now, as far as cruises go, I have never been on one before and the only reason we can afford this one is b/c someone gave it to us. The only thing is the room classification is set. Apparently, there are only 25 handicapped staterooms aboard the Carnival Victory - and none that are in our classification. While he does not need a wheelchair, I asked for grab bars in the shower. I was told that there was one - only to discover that their version of a grab bar is an 8" washcloth bar. We don't want a seat in the shower (as this would just trip him up), but it would be nice if they had the different options available as someone mentioned earlier in the post. Some training for people as to what to do with someone with a disability that isn't wheelchair bound might be helpful too. (I often get the "If he's not in a wheelchair, then he's not disabled." treatment.)
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