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Default Re: Legend went to Bermuda for emergency!

Well, well, well, MysteriousVixen, the yeeehaaawww reminded you of me. How flattering.
When we cruises on 7-02 the cath word was "Hello! I said HELLO!" . Guess
that fella got off the ship on the 10th along with a large amount of the crew.
To put a period at the end of my statement about some of the inconsiderate people on ships I offer these senarios from our cruise:
1. approx 1/3 of the cruisers were teens and kids
2. a small number of them were charming, polite and respectful of the ships requests
3. the rest broke into merauding groups of bored, spoiled brats. They tried to gamble and the poor casino staff was tossing them out left and right - daily
4. they butt the lines in the bistro and either put their bare feet on the tables or stretched out in the booths and snoozed.
5. The trust their parents had in them did not extend to the mini bar. Many of the kids were smashed and stumbling and passing out.
6. They tried to pay with things from the boutiques with money. When they were remined that no cash is exchanged the cursing started. THere was a lot of that out of the groups - it's sooo cool.
7. the best of all was the last night in the bistro. One pack of kids bumped into another pack of kids and they proceeded to beat the bejesus out of each other. The waiters and the chef ran over to break it up. I rest my case.
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