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Originally Posted by bring2521
Ok so let me get this straight... is everyone saying the 4 PC restaurants are only for the purpose of eating at whatever time you want instead of the early vs late seating? although you need to make a reservation and not on a walk in basis (kind of defeats the purpose in a way??) August will be our first Princess cruise going to Alaska. We have always traveled RCCI in the past and are very much looking forward to trying Princess.

Thanks for any replies
I believe you have it right, based on our experience. However, I do not believe you HAVE to make a reservation in the anytime dining rooms but you can if you wish.

My family of 14 had traditional late seating on the Grand Princess last November but due to a mixup with the TA, we were at three different tables spread out all over the dining room. We talked to our server and she suggested we switch to anytime dining and since we had such a large party, we should make a reservation. My mother did just that -- same time as late seating, in fact -- and we just met in the same dining room at the same time every night. The menu was the same; the difference was that we didn't necessarily have the same tables and staff every night, though we did on a couple of occasions. I think you can even ask for the same table and staff but we were novices and it took us awhile to figure that out.

But from what I've read here, it isn't difficult to get a table for two or even four without a reservation, kind of like when you eat in the dining room for breakfast or lunch.

I've only been on one cruise so can only speak to my own experience. Have a great cruise! We're going to Alaska in August on the Dawn Princess and can't wait!
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