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Hi Paul,

I really don't understand why you got upset. I don't see anything wrong with sharing information especially since most of us here are anonymous. For those of you who are not anonymous you can always say that you know "someone" under such and such cirumstances.... Besides, I thought world traveler's answer was rude to an innocent question.

Personally if I get something through hard effort and can assist someone else and make it easier for that person I have no problem what so ever with that. I'm happy to be of help. I guess that's why I want to get into this industry, because I enjoy helping people (and traveling, of course).

Well, as I said I don't understand why you got upset and find nothing disrespectful about my words however I apologize as it certainly was something I said.

On another note I'm no kid here, but someone who enjoys helping people out and sometimes assumes everybody does too.

Well, see you around. As I said before this is a good forum. I wish it was more visited but it's the best in it's kind I've found so far.

Cheers 8)
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